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Introduction of electromagnetic roaster machine

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Our BSCZ roasting machine is used to roast all kinds of dry grains, nuts, spices, herbs and other materials automatically. It adopts the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to make the inner pot body heat directly to achieve the purpose of roasting the materials.

The electromagnetic roaster machine is safe and reliable, has no pollution to the environment, has strong controllability and high thermal efficiency.

The details of our food roaster machine:

The left one in the picture above is hopper for feeding materials into the roaster machine, it can be removed when roasting. And the right one is the cover of machine to keep the temperature inside, there is also one sight window on the cover, so you could see the condition of roasting materials clearly.

It is the control panel in the photo which can control the spice roasting machine automatically, like adjusting the roasting temperature and time.

The advantages of our food roasting machine:

*Protect environment: Transform electromagnetism into heat energy to roast the materials, which is more environment-friendly.

*Save energy & low power consumption: It produces the roller with the composite materials to decrease the energy lost. Heat efficiency is 95%, which can save 45% electricity.

*Save electricity and time: The electromagnetism heating system make the roller heat by itself, instead of heating medium. Just work for 30 seconds, the temperature can achieve 100 degree centigrade.

*High temperature: Max 400 degree centigrade.

*Human interface: Humanization design, intelligent control. Easy to set up the parameter.

Finally, this is the video of our nut roaster machine.

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