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Introduction of 3 types of powder mixer machines

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Our mixers are widely used in lines of food and chemical areas.

And they are all made by stainless steel.

Type 1: BSV series V shape mixer

BSV series V Shape Mixer is very suitable for dry powder or particles mixing.

The inside of our standard V mixer is empty.
If you want the better mixing effect, the intensifier bar can be added.

If the fluidity of the material is not good and the material is a little sticky, it is recommended to add the intensifier bar.

We make 5L-4000L V Type Mixer.

This is video of our BSV-500 V blender machine

Type 2: BSR series ribbon mixer

BSR series Ribbon blendercan not only mix dry powder or particles with good fluidity, but also wet powder or sticky powder with poor fluidity and mixing of powder and liquid.

We can make 50L-20000L Horizontal Ribbon Mixer.

This is video of our BSR-300 ribbon blender

Type 3: BSTD series 3d mixer

BSTD series 3d Mixer is very suitable for dry powder or particles mixing.

We do 5L-1000L 3d mixer.

It is very popular in pharmaceutical factories.


If you want to mix powders or granules with good fluidity, the above 3 mixers are all suitable.

If you want to mix a little sticky powder materials, BSV V mixer and BSR ribbon mixer both are OK.

If the powder needs to be added with liquid, BSR ribbon mixer is more suitable.

If you have a pharmaceutical companies, V blender and 3D mixer is more recommended.




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