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How to make spice powder by spice grinding machine and spice powder grinder mill?

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Spice products are prevalent around the world,without spices,a delicious dish will be almost impossible.

So,spices powder becomes increasingly popular, the ground spices will be packed in sachet or bottles.

This article will introduce how to make ground spices-spices powder.

What we will introduce is industrial-use spice powder machine.

We will talk about this topic from two aspects, spice oil content and target spice powder particle size.

1) Spice oil content

Spice contains oil, but their oil content is not the same.

Low-oil spice examples are: ginger, turmeric,cinnamon,garlic,onion

Mid-oil spice examples are: chilli,cumin,coriander seeds,clove,pepper

High-oil spice examples are: mustard seeds,clove,nutmeg.

(a)For low oil spice, no matter what spice grinder machines you choose, they can grind them into powder, the only difference is powder size, capacity, and grinding effect.

Hammer mill,air classifier mill, and pin mill is the popular choice.

Hammer mill and the pin mill can make 20~80 mesh spice powder, and ACM mill can make 60~300 mesh spice powder.

This is pictures of the traditional type hammer mill, and air classifier mill

(b) For Mid-oil spices,not all machines are okay.

If we use air classifier mill, the machine may be blocked by the spice powder. And the classifier in the mill chamber is afraid of oil.

If we use a hammer mill,the sieve in the mill chamber cannot be very fine, otherwise the sieve will be blocked by the spice oil.

Sieve of 1mm,1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm is recommended  while grinding mid oil spices.

But Brightsail BSDF advanced hammer mill and high-speed pin mill has no sieve or screen in mill chamber.  

BSDF advanced hammer mill has a very good grinding effect for red chilli, cinnamon,turmeric.

This is the mill chamber’s picture of BSDF advanced hammer mill.

(c) For high oil spices, pin mill and cryogenic mill is okay.

Cryogenic mill means: while grinding, liquid nitrogen shall be connected into the mill chamber,to make the grinding chamber super cold,so the oil won’t go out.

Besides, spice powder produced by cryogenic mill has super quality- the smell and nutrition of spice will be protected well. And powder made by cryogenic grinding also sells with much higher price. This picture is spice cryogenic mill from Brihgtsail.

Spice cryogenic mill can also make superfine spice powder from 60~500 mesh.

BSZ-pin mil here means pin mill without sieve in mill chamber, and the rotor is speed is very fast.

The rotor speed can reach 12000 rpm.

It can also connect liquid nitrogen while grinding.

But powder size cannot be as fine as cryogenic mill.

2) Target spice powder particle size.

(a) Spice flakes or spice granules

Common spice flakes are chilli flake and black pepper flakes.

Spice flake is not powder, the machine will be different.

A low rotor speed crusher will be needed. It can crush big material into granules or flakes.

It can also be used as a primary crusher, for example,crush the big cinnamon, turmeric into small pieces.

(b) 20~40 mesh spice powder

This size is the most popular spice powder size.

Almost all machines can make such sizes - like hammer mill,and pin mill.

But one thing we shall note is, don’t put very fine sieve in mill chamber.

If you think the powder is not fine enough,you can prepare a spice powder sifting machine.

To sift the coarse powder out, the grind the coarse powder again to get the finer powder you need.

This is powder sifting machine.

(c) 30~80 mesh spice powder.

To make 30~80 mesh spice powder, air classifier mill, BSDF advanced hammer mill, pin mill and cryogenic mill is okay.


(d) 60~300 mesh superfine spice powder

60~300 mesh is superfine,to make such type spice powder, only air classifier mill and cryogenic mill is okay.

But liquid nitrogen is very expensive, only a very few factories can afford it.

Maybe only 0.1% spice factories can afford liquid nitrogen while grinding.

That’s why for some spices, use air classifier mill and cold air machine, is also good solution.

Cold air machine can produce cold air like -5℃, 0℃, 5℃.

Cold air is sent into the mill chamber of ACM mill,so the grinding effect will be improved.

For other machines, like pin mill, hammer mill, cold air machine is also optional.


If you need to grind many different kinds of spices, this line’s application is very wide.

And this line is also very cost effective.

You see, this is a belt conveyor, a hammer mill unit, a sifting machine and a vacuum feeder.

1) Belt conveyor sends raw spices into hammer mill

2) Spice hammer mill will grind spices into powder

3) Sifting machine can sift the fine powder and coarse powder out. (fine powder will be packed, coarse powder will be sent back into the spice grinding machine again)

4) ZKS vacuum feeder, it feed the coarse powder from sifter to the spice grinder machine,So the coarse spice powder can be milled again into fine powder.

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