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How to choose a suitable moringa leaf powder grinding machine?

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    Moringa leaf powder is often added to smoothies, nutrition bars, and energy drinks or drank as a tea. It also cab be used as a medicine in multiple ways. And we have many clients want to make such product.

    But do you know which moringa leaf grinding machine is the most suitable for you? Today we will introduce our moringa leaf powder mills to you.

    The first one is our BS high speed hammer mill, it can make 20-100 kg/h dry moringa leaf powder, and the powder size can be 10-120 mesh. There is a screen in the mill chamber, just change it to change the final powder size as you want.

    It’s a small single machine, it is easy to clean,simple in structure and few occupied space.

    This is video of our BS-180 Moringa leaf powder mill

    If you need continuous production and no dust during production, the final powder size you want is not very fine(like 40-80 mesh), you can choose our BSG series grinding set. It adds cyclone, dust collecting box and blower on the base of BS hammer mill.

    If you need very fine and even moringa leaf powder, you can choose our BSP ultra-fine pulverizer set(also called Air classifier mill). This machine can make it into 60-300 mesh and the capacity can be 50-500 kg/h. There is no screen in the mill chamber. If you want to change the final powder size, just change the speed of inverter.

    This is video of our BSP moringa leaf powder machine,in the video, we are grinding dried leaf into superfine powder.

    If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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