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How do you make coriander powder by coriander powder machine?

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Coriander seeds are the fruit or seeds of the cilantro plant. It is widely used as a seasoning in many cuisines around the world. They are small, hard, brownish and are a must component of pickling spices. The coriander seed has a pleasant and spicy aroma.

For making coriander seeds powder, firstly we need to roast the coriander seeds by the roasting machine. When roasting, the coriander seeds will release oils that will darken the seeds and increase the strength of the flavor profile. This also helps in removing moisture that results in a longer shelf life.

This is picture of our spice roasting machine(coriander seeds roasting machine)

Once the roasted coriander seeds cool down to the room temperature, put them into the grinder machine to make coarse or fine powder. There are 2 types coriander grinding machines for your choices.

This is video of our spice roasting machine

Small type: BSU universal crusher (small capacity coriander powder machine)

For grinding dry spices with high oil content, like coriander seeds, the crusher part of BSU is better to use turbo type, or the powder may get blocked inside. There are several models of BSU coriander powder grinder machine, from 20-300 kg/h. It needs to replace the screen mesh to change output powder fineness.

This is the test video of BSU coarinder seeds grinder machine.

In the video,our customer is grinding nutmeg.

Big type: BS hammer mill (with pulse dust collecting system)

It is made up of crusher part, cyclone, pulse dust collecting box, blower and electrical control box. The capacity range of BS coariander powder making machine is from 50-1000 kg/h. It also needs the screen to change powder fineness.

It can also grind other spices, that’s why it is also called as dried turmeric and coriander grinding machine

Below is the test video of BS coriander powder grinding machine.




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