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Hot sale hammer mill crusher for grinding spices, grain, herb

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  This is our popular small type grinder--BSU hammer mill crusher, which is widely applied in industries of food, medical, chemical...etc, such as spice, herbs, grains, crystal materials...etc.

  There are different kinds of knives for BSU hammer mill machine, usually our clients choose hammer type, pinned disc type, and turbo type like the picture below.

Hammer type: It is suitable for grinding heat sensitive materials, and its output capacity is a little higher than other type knives.

Pinned disc type: It is suitable for making finer powder than other types, like for grain, herb.

Turbo type: It is suitable for grinding high oil content materials, such as coffee beans, spices (coriander, black pepper...etc).

Advantages of BSU hammer mill machine:

1. The single mill is easy to clean and operate, simple in structure and few occupied space.

2. When capacity is small, single mill machine is very suitable.

3. Price is low, it can also solve the problem of tight budget.

Here are good comments of BSU hammer mill grinder from overseas clients:

It is popular with our customers, the first company in the picture purchased the extra 2 sets BSU grinding machines with pulse dust collecting system after they used the BSU-40 hammer mill for a long time.

Finally, let’s see some test videos of BSU hammer mill crusher.

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