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Good comment of icing sugar powder grinding machine from client in Portugal

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  Today we want to share one of the good comments from our customer in Portugal, who purchased our BSP-500 ultra-fine pulverizer set(it also called as air classifier mill) before.

  They have used this machine for making fine icing sugar powder(powdered sugar) more than 3 years, it still works perfectly.

  Here is the video taken from our client’s factory for your reference:

  (they also bought two screw feeders from us, the big screw feeder is for feed raw crystal sugar, the small screw feeder is for feeding corn starch into the powder, corn starch is a good anti-caking agent in food.)

  BSP powdered sugar making machine can make white crystal sugar into 100-500 mesh fine powder directly, and the capacity of it is about 700-900 kg/h.

  It consists of five parts: crusher part, cyclone, dust collector,blower, and electrical control box. Followed is the picture of the crusher part which is specially for making fine powered sugar for you to refer.

  Working Method of the mill part of our ACM mill(icing sugar mill machine):

  Raw material was fed into the mill through a small screw under the feed hopper.

  Then, the hammers will cut and mill the raw material into fine powder.

  There is an air classifier in mill chamber, powder fine enough will be sent to cyclone and be discharged.

  Powder not fine enough will be milled again in mill chamber.

  A little superfine powder like dust will be kept in the filter box.

  Our BSP icing sugar making machine is also suitable for other dry materials,such as spices, grains, herbs,salt, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

  Want to get more details about our icing sugar machine? Just feel free to contact us!

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