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Feedback of BS-400 spice grinder machine from our client in Qatar

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  Recently we have got the feedback from our client in Qatar who purchased the BS-400 spice grinder machine from us.

  They use the BS-400 hammer grinder machine for grinding different kinds of spices, like coriander, chili, cumin, pepper and so on.

  Now they have used our machine for over 3 years, below is the comments of our BS-400 spice hammer mill.

  It shows that they are very satisfied with our spice grinding machine, and the capacity is very big.

(It is what we talked on Whatsapp.)

And this is the buyer show video from our customer in Qatar. 

  The BS series spice powder grinder machine is made up of: crusher part, cyclone, pulse dust collecting box, blower and electrical control box.

  The spice grinding is continuous and automatic.

  It uses the relative motion between the active hammer and fixed plate to get materials shredded under effect of centrifugal force. 

  If the particle is smaller than the hole size of sieve, it will pass the sieve and get out of the crushing cavity. 

  If not, the particle will continue to be crushed in the mill cavity.

  There are 6 models of BS hammer grinding machine, its capacity range is from 50-1000 kg/h. 

  It is suitable for crushing both high or low oil content spices, can make 10-40 mesh spice powder.

Model BS-200 BS-320 BS-400 BS-630 BS-880 BS-1000
Capacity (kg/hr) 50~300 70~500 80~1200 400~1800 800~2500 1000~3000
Grind size(mesh) 12-120 12-120 12-120 12-120 12-120 12-120
Main crush motor (KW) 7.5 11 22 37 45 55
Remark: 1) BS-200 and BS-320 is joint type, and blower is set above the filter box.
2) Capacity is affected by the raw material and target powder size a lot.
3) About overall size and drawing, please contact our sales to get it.

This is the other test video of BS spice crushing machine.




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