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Double cone mixer machine for dry powder or granules

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    In addition to powder grinding machines, our powder mixing machines are also very popular among our clients. Such as double cone mixer, ribbon mixer, V type mixer and so on.

    Today I want to share some details of our double cone blender with you, wish it can help you know more about such machine.

    Our double cone powder mixer machine is also called W shape powder mixing machine, since it is shaped like “W”. This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, chemical and food industries for mixing dry powder or small granules with good flow-ability. It has a good effect on mixing dry powder with high efficiency,free of dead corner and evening mixing.

    1) Inlet port: raw materials enter the mixer from the inlet port. If you need to feed the material automatically, we will design a new inlet port then the ZKS vacuum feeder can be connected to the mixer.

    2) Agitator: Forced agitator can make mixing effect better if your material is a bit sticky or doesn't flow well.

    3) Discharge part: The final product can be discharged by discharge valve.The standard is manual discharge valve, and you can also choose pneumatic discharge valve.

    Good comment and buyer show from clients for our double cone blender.

    These are one of the good comments from our German and Slovakia customers who purchased such mixer for mixing metal granules and protein powder.

    And this is the video taken from our Philippines client who wanted to mix chemical products with our double cone mixer for your reference:

    If you have any interest and want to get a detailed offer of a suitable model, just contact us!

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