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Brightsail hot sell product- high speed small hammer mill

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This one of our hot sell product- BS high speed hammer mill.

Advantages about our BS series high speed small hammer mill:

Our small hammer mill is widely applied in industries of food, medical,chemical...etc.

Such as spices, herbs,leaves, grains, sugar...etc.

1) Simple structure

Main components:

a. Feeding port;  b. Grinding chamber  c. Discharging port

d. Small Electrical control box and motor

2) Easy Operation and cleaning

Press the ON button, the machine will work.

Press the OFF button, the machine will stop working.

Just hold 2 buttons.

About cleaning:

You can sweep away the dust with a soft brush. Then clean the feeding port, crushing chamber and outlet with water. Finally, blow dry with compressed air.

When you click on "Video", you will see our sales introducing this mill on Youtube.

3) Small footprint and easy to move

The mill machine covers an area of 0.35 square meters and the height of 1 meter.

And the machine is equipped with casters, which is convenient to move.

There is caster locking, the machine can also be fixed in one position.

4) Wide application

The BS high speed small hammer mill is universal and it has a very wide range of uses.

It can crush all kinds of spices, such as turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, chilli, garlic, onion and so on.

It can also crush grain, sugar, herbs, leaves and other materials.

We have sold this mill to more than 60 countries in the world.

Customer feedback grinding effect is very nice!

This is video of our BS hammer mill

It is working video as a small grain grinding machine

It is working video as a small herb grinding machine

It is working video as a small spice grinding machine




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