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BSXR Falling Type Metal Detector

  • BSXR

  • Brightsail


Product Description

BSXR series LIQUID crystal display digital metal separator is specially used for the detection of high precision requirements of food and medical and health products industry, made by German technology, with ultra-high sensitivity, stable and reliable performance, can quickly remove products containing metal foreign bodies.

metal separator

Application Fields

Suitable for particle and fine powder metal foreign matter detection.


1. With its unique accuracy, it can detect tiny metal objects in the products;

2. Can handle a variety of categories of products, in order to save space, adopt a more compact rack design;

3. The detection sensitivity is higher than the industry standard, the highest can detect more than 0.3mm diameter iron ball;

4. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the product characteristics, and the rejection times can be recorded in real time, and the records can be manually cleared;

5. All stainless steel, waterproof (IP66), shockproof, strong adaptability to environmental and temperature changes, easy to clean;

6. The whole machine adopts modular design and assembly, simple assembly, debugging and disassembly, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost;

7. Specially designed for powder products "Y" type elimination, can effectively prevent material leakage, reduce product waste;

8. According to the environment and safety requirements of the production site, waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration and explosion-proof can be customized to ensure the safety of the equipment;

9. Multiple languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, etc., other languages can be customized);

Technical Data

ModelFeed diameterAccuracyCompressed airMax capacity(L/h)Raw material temperatureUnqualified material discharge time

(Фmm)FeΦSUSΦOther Metal

BSXR-3500-50B500.3mm0.6mm0.3~0.6 mm3~5Bar2000< 80℃0.3~5s
BSXR-3500-70B700.7mm1.0mm0.7~1.0 mm3~5Bar5000< 80℃0.3~5s
BSXR-3500-100B1000.8mm1.2mm0.8~1.2 mm3~5Bar12000< 80℃0.3~5s
BSXR-3500-120B1201.2mm1.5mm1.2~1.5 mm3~5Bar16000< 80℃0.3~5s
BSXR-3500-150B1501.5mm2.0mm1.5~2.0 mm3~5Bar25000< 80℃0.3~5s
BSXR-3500-200B2001.8mm2.2mm1.8~~2.2 mm3~5Bar44000< 80℃0.3~5s
BSXR-3500-250B2502.5mm3.8mm2.5~~3.8 mm3~5Bar50000< 80℃0.3~5s


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