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BSSF High Shear Mixer Granulator

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The high-efficiency wet granulator is a special equipment for wet mixing and granulation of powder, starch, and adhesive in the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also suitable for mixing and granulating powdered materials in food and chemical industries.


Working Method

The powder is stirred by a stirring blade at a set speed, and then the binder is added by the feeding device to make it and the material tumble into a moist and shredded soft material in a short time, and then cut by a high-speed rotating cutting knife to make it into Meet the requirements of the particles. Finally, open the discharge port and let it automatically discharge the jacketed pot.



1.The main barrel adopts a cylindrical and conical tangent structure, which is helpful for the tumbling of the material, and the geometric angle of the stirring paddle and the pelletizing knife is designed reasonably to ensure the best effect of mixing and granulating. 

2.PLC control man-machine interface, automatic adjustment control according to program, high degree of automation, convenient operation. 

3. Both the stirring blade and the cutting knife adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, and the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, which can meet the granulation requirements of different varieties. 

4.The whole process completes dry mixing and wet mixing granulation in the same closed container. Compared with the traditional process, the binder is reduced by 25%, and the drying time is shortened. 

5. V-shaped pelletizing knife, there is no dead angle between the knife and the knife, which can improve the granulation rate and the rate of pellets.

Technical Data

Total volume (L)50100200300400600
Working volume (L)12-3625-7050-15060-220100-280150-400
Feeding quantity (kg) The specific gravity of the powder is 0.5g/cm³6-1812-3525-7530-11050-14075-200
Stirrer speed (R.P.M)50-50030-36030-26020-20020-20020-200
Mixing power (KW)5.57.515222230
Cutting knife speed(R.P.M)50-3000
Cutting power (KW)1.5347.57.511


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