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BSVD Square Vacuum Dryer

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Product Introduction

For BSVD commercial dehydrator,material will be dried under vacuum condition. Under the vacuum condition, the boiling point of material solution will reduce. It will increase impetus for heat and mass exchange. Therefore for certain heat exchange amount, it can save heat exchange area of evaporator.


Working Method

Pure water has the maximum vaporization rate when it is boiling. Under normal pressure, pure water starts to boil at about 100°C. Under vacuum conditions, because the partial pressure of water vapor in the system is much lower than the partial pressure of water vapor on the surface of the material, the boiling point of water is lower than 100°C. For example: when the surface drops to -0.07Mpa, the water starts to boil at 70°C. General rule: the higher the vacuum, the lower the boiling point of water. In the vacuum dryer, the vaporized water can be quickly removed with the vacuum generation, so even at a lower operating temperature, the dryer still has a greater drying capacity.


Main Features

1. The heating sources are optional, you can use steam or electricity.

2. It is beneficial to maintain the initial form of the material, intermittent operation, and can adjust the process conditions at any time.

3. With an arched structure on the top, can effectively overcome the problem of condensed water dripping back and further improve the drying efficiency.

4.The exclusive design adopts a four-point vacuum structure to ensure the uniformity of drying of materials.

5.Especially suitable for materials that are afraid of oxidation and easy to decompose during the drying process.

Technical Data

Inner size of drying chamber(mm)1500*1040*12001500*1400*12001500*1800*1200
Overall size(mm)1676*1700*15641676*2060*15641676*2500*1564
Layers of backing support5812
Size of baking tray(mm)460*640*45460*640*45460*640*45
Quantity of baking tray203248
Working pressure inside the pipe of baking support(MPa)≤0.784
No-load vacuum in the box (Mpa) (when working)35-150
No-load vacuum in the box (Mpa) (when not working)-0.1
At -0.1Mpa, when the heating temperature is 110℃, the vaporization rate of water7.2
Vacuum pump power when using condenser(kw)
Vacuum pump power when condenser is not used (kw)45.55.5
Heating sourceSteam or electricity
Weight of drying chamber(kg)140021003200

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